Berryz "Aa, Yoru ga Akeru" Covers and Buono!'s profile pic

16:40 Aurelia 4 Comments

Top : Regular - LE A
Bottom : LE B - LE C

i'm not sure if i like the outfits .. it looks like pajamas.. XD
but so far, my favorites are regular and LE C..

Buono!'s new profile pic

their outfits looks like Zassou no Uta specially Airi's outfit..and i think Airi's hairstyle almost the same with her hairstyle in Zassou no Uta.. =_="
well, at least i love Miya's outfit.. <3


  1. Pajama party wtf? O___o

    But those covers are glamorous.

  2. ikr ? those pajamas looks really weird in the covers.. i hope they don't use those pajamas in the dance shot.. XD

  3. I hope too. And I hope they won't use them in live shows..

  4. yeah, it would be so weird if they use it.. >.<