Airi Daisuki is now one year old~..

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Today, this blog is officially one year old.. yaa~ay !! I can't believe it has been a year since made this blog.. =3

I know I am not really active in this blog, but for the future, I'll do my best to update as much as I could .. =3
And I'll upload videos, singles and albums as fast as I could..

And since I've been using the old background for a year, so I changed the background and the template.. I also changed the header from Airi's picture into Hello! Project's pictures.. i know the header isn't match with the background but I hope everyone like this header.. =3

popular posts

it seems most people who come here are C-ute's fans.. XD
and i'm truly sorry to everyone who come here to DL PBs but can't DL it.. it's because my 4shared acccount was banned and i have to re-upload all of them.. but i didn't re-upload the PBs because it takes really long time to upload it..

most audience
Indonesia is the first.. <3
US is the second ?? O__O
i hope US people could understand my horrible english.. XD
and Japan is the third ?? wow.. i can't believe this.. maybe H!P and UFA are watching this blog after all.. XD

Also, the blog stats nearly reach 50k hits.. I'll make another post to thank everyone after this blog reach 50k.. and maybe I'll change the header again.. XD

But for now, I want to thank everyone who has followed this blog and visited this blog.. =3